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Cameron Drury BRP (Hons) MNZPI

Principal Planner | Director

Cameron graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Resource and Environmental Planning (Honours) specialising in Water and Wastewater Technologies and has over 18 years professional experience having worked in both local government and the private sector.

Cameron has been involved in notified and non-notified resource consent applications and Designations and has worked on Plan Changes and implementation planning projects in relation to both District and Regional Council functions. He has presented evidence in the Environment Court and has experience in consultation and mediation in the role of the Council, the applicant and the submitter.

With a strategic and blue-sky thinking mind and an outcome focused approach, Cameron is well placed to take on projects that at the outset may appear undefined and requiring of innovative and creative approaches and solutions to navigate the challenges often encountered in resource management. Having worked across land development, municipal infrastructure, community facilities, inner city development projects, heritage matters, coastal planning, water quantity and quality matters and the rural sector, Cameron has a wealth of experience and can add real value to projects teams and outcomes.

Roger Wiffin BRP MNZPI

Principal Planner | Director

Roger graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Resource and Environmental Planning and having worked with numerous multidisciplinary consultancies and District Councils across the North Island has over 20 years of professional experience.

Roger’s main area of interest is urban development, including greenfield subdivision, urban infill, comprehensive development, inner city commercial projects and industrial development. He also has a wealth of experience in lifestyle development, rural farm parks and retirement housing.

His time in the industry has helped him to develop a clear understanding of process – from project conception and development through to approval, while his problem-solving skills and relationship building experience enables him to undertake and facilitate meaningful and constructive engagement with Councils and other stakeholders to develop practical and pragmatic solutions and approaches.

Dr. Charlotte Drury PhD, MRRP BSc (GEO)

Consultant Planner

Charlotte graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geography with a Masters in Regional and Resource Planning. Building on her interests in natural resource planning, she has also gone on to complete her PhD in Freshwater Governing.

With a depth of experience in working on multi-disciplinary projects, Charlotte has developed strong project management and communication skills and the ability to quickly understand various technical and scientific matters. This enables her to deliver expert planning advice and quality research skills.

She has presented planning evidence in the Environment Court, Board of Enquiries and Special Tribunals on resource consents, plan changes and water conservation orders. Charlotte is a competent planning witness and trusted advisor.

Claire Price BRP (Hons) MNZPI

Senior Planner

Claire graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Resource and Environmental Planning (Honours) specialising in Economics and has 19 years professional experience having worked in both local government and the private sector.

With a broad range of experience across policy development and the preparation of resource consent applications and management plans, Claire has a high level of written communication and analytical skills enabling her take on larger multidisciplinary consenting processes and planning projects involving Master Planning and plan submissions.

She has a good eye for detail and applies sound judgment around risk and the type of input required for a successful project.

Andrew Dooney BAppSc MNZPI

Senior Planner

Andrew graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science. He complemented this with a post graduate diploma in Environmental Management. He has worked in both local government and the private sector in New Zealand and the UK.

Much of his work is centred around natural resource planning, while his earlier work in consent compliance gives him a strong understanding of how to negotiate conditions and how they can affect a project post granting.

Andrew has a thorough understanding of the Resource Management Act and its practical application. He brings a high level of written and oral communication skills to all his projects. He has a strong ability to form working relationships and to assess risk and the type of input required for a successful project.

Paul O’Shaughnessy BRP (MSc)

Senior Planner

Paul graduated from Massey University with a bachelor’s degree in Resource and Environmental Planning and subsequently obtained a post graduate Masters in Environmental Management from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Paul has over 25 years’ experience within the New Zealand local government. Primarily involved in urban planning and land development, including rural and residential infill and greenfield developments, heritage regeneration and industrial and commercial development. His tenure with local government gives Paul a valuable insight into the workings of the sector and has enabled strong working relationships to be created with stakeholders from throughout both the local government and development sectors.

Paul has a strong customer service focus and places great emphasis on establishing and maintaining strong stakeholder relationships in order to achieve sustainable development outcomes. Paul is born and bred in Hawkes Bay and is passionate about everything the Bay offers, including family, surf, and fine wine.


Senior Planner

Pip graduated with a Master of Urban Planning (Professional) degree. Her experience includes the preparation and processing of resource consent applications across a wide range of activities.

Pip is passionate about working with others to achieve practical outcomes which balance the interests of individuals and the environment. She is effective in managing various consultation workstreams whether these are pre-application processes with Councils, the co-ordination of other experts or engagement with stakeholders.

Organised and reliable, Pip brings a high level of commitment to a project.

Matthew Morley BEP

Intermediate Planner

Matt graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning specialising in Society, Politics, and the Environment.

With an active interest in the outdoors and surfing, Matt is passionate about achieving good outcomes for both natural and urban environments and draws on his fundamental values to assist clients in achieving high value outcomes.

Focused mainly on urban land use planning, Matt has a good understanding of project inputs, and through good communication skills, works well with project teams and Council Officers during both the application preparation and processing stages of a project.

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